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I Have noticed a huge flaw in the bedrock saves. None are safe.



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      My minecraft Bedrock is stored on the External hard drive, like all of my games, but what I didn't realise is that the saved worlds are all saved on the Internal hard drive, and cannot be moved from this location, I had to do a factory reset on my xbox one x not knowing that my saved games are NOT stored with the game. this deleted all of my world saves, every other saved game from all the other games i play was successfully restored by microsoft cloud backup, EXCEPT saved games over 70mb-80mb on minecraft bedrock edition on the xbox one, i lost 61 of my 81 world saves, and lost alot of work that me and my children had done. Now this has made me want to protect my saves as this flaw in bedrock is a game destroyer, so i set out to make sure that this wouldn't happen again, but then i hit the biggest and most damaging problem with Bedrock on the xbox one, YOU CANNOT transfer,move copy or save your world save games to anywhere, they are fixed to the xbox one inernal hard drive, I tried every way to move them to the external hard drive, including moving the berock game to the internal HD and back to the External HD to no effect, i even tried using my old xbox one, but this also is missing my world saves and cannot transfer saves across drives,so i can't physically protect the saved games.
      I have been in talks with microsoft about this,and both them and me have come to the conclusion that this is a fault of the Minecraft bedrock engine.

      Please can someone respond at Mojang as your tech support just keeps passing me on.
      It has been a week now and i fear the worst for my saves as i did a hell of a lot in one of my worlds and its all gone. Im still not happy.
      I have now STOPPED playing minecraft, simply because i know that nothing i do in this game is safe,what is the point? i am now also advising as many people as i can to be aware of this as this has heart broken my daughter, who at 8 is quite upset.




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