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Inconsistent Horizontal Beacon Range


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    •, 1.8.1, Beta
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      I was messing with Jump Boost II in a map I'm creating on my iPad Air, but when I was some blocks away the effect started vanishing. I remember Xisumavoid's video on the range of beacons and I discovered that here on the iOS version it isn't, but weirdly enough I found some inconsistencies so I decided to mark with red glass the borders of the beacon range.
      It created a strange shape so I opened another world at different coordinates and I recreated the original red border, but I discovered that the effect was vanishing in some areas where it shouldn’t have. I marked the new perimeter in green glass and comparing the borders I couldn't find a logic. I think it is a bug regarding chunk loading the effect, but you are the experts so here you have my issue.

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