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Inaccurate positioning in Custom UI's/forms


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      This issue exists since forms were introduced.
      For demonstration purpose i uploaded screenshots of my custom modal forms.

      As you may be able to tell,

      • the form content text "xenialdan" is the most left (3px off)
      • buttons with images are 2px off
      • If the form has no content-text (like image-2018-01-23-18-50-21-577.png ), and the element after it has a text/name, this text is too close to the border. This is due to the scrollable content area having incorrect padding from the border
      • Dropdown boxes appear partly rendered outside the UI and with that some options are not clickable.
      • The font in Modal forms is rendered way too small, as if someone uses a special (unicode) character in the chat (like €)
      • Text that is too long for buttons is rendered outside the buttons

      ~Also, you can not properly navigate through the elements using the tab key nor the arrow keys~ (Has been partially resolved nowadays, as long as you focus on an element)

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