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Despawning animals, even when tied to a post and enclosed in a pen



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      I am having an issue where my animals (Pigs, Cows, Sheep, Horses, and Lamas) are disappearing. First I had them in fenced areas, 5x5 areas, with one gate and no adjacent blocks or methods of jumping out. After loosing all my animals over two days (no remains, no mobs or creepers) even though they are safe inside my base with more than enough lighting, I tried something new. I started tying my animals up with leashes to the fence posts. At first this seemed to work, but then on the 3rd day, half my cows disappeared, one horse disappeared, all my pigs disappeared. My llamas and sheep were fine though. Mind you, these animals are in pens close to each other, and while a horse disappears, the other two with it are still there and unharmed. For the animals that disappeared and were tied to the fencing, the leash was still there tied to the fence, just no animal. I tried to collect the leash from the fence, and it just disappears when I tried to collect it.

      These pen areas are roofed / covered, so I know it is not lighting.

      This is very frustrating as I use to have a nice collection of animals when I brought this game from the 360 version over to the bedrock edition. Now I cant start a small collection. I am in survival and have never broken that, but trying to survive and not be able to collect animals for breeding and supplies is completely hampering my ability to play at all.

      I am looking forward to hearing from you regarding this matter.


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