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Transparent blocks prevent Endermen spawning on valid platforms below in The End


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      Verification builds: Retail

      Having a layer of transparent blocks (such as glass) will prevent endermen spawning in on valid platforms below, even if the glass layer is much higher than the platform.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Travel to an area over the void in the end
      2. Set difficulty to Peaceful
      3. Place a single layer of glass at y100
      4. Place a single layer of end stone directly below the glass at y50
      5. Set difficulty to Hard
      6. Wait for mobs to spawn on the end stone platform

      Observed Results:
      The glass prevents any spawning on the valid blocks below. Endermen will not spawn on the platform all the while there is glass above.

      Expected Results:
      Glass should not prevent endermen spawning on valid blocks below.

      Screenshots/Videos attached: Yes

      Tested with other transparent blocks, they also prevent mobs spawning below: Leaves, pistons, fences, but apparently not bottom-half slabs (see MCPE-28626)

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