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repeater updates 1 tic early and releases a signal 1 tic late.



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      In java edition, shown by the image in a sandstone world, when the redstone line is updated, the observer on the right detects the redstone line turn on, then the observers to the left of it detect the redstone repeater and the redstone line turn on. Thus, the piston on the right activates and 1 tic later the pistons left of it activate simultaneously. if the repeater in the middle increases in delay an equal amount of delay occurs between the update of the right piston to the other 2 when the redstone line updates.

      In Bedrock edition, shown by the image in a flat world of grass, when the redstone line is updated the observer on the right detects the redstone line turn on, the observer in the middle observers the repeater turn on at the same time, and the observer on the left observers the redstone line turn on a tic later. Thus, the pistons to the right activate simultaneously and the left piston activates a tic later. if the repeater in the middle increases in delay, the following pattern occurs: the middle piston activates 1 tic later than the piston on the right, and the piston on the left continues to activate 1 tic after the piston in the middle.

      This tells me that repeaters activate 1 tic earlier and release a pulse 1 tic later in bedrock edition. An example where this occurs in a circuit is the redstone counter I built that is shown in the attachments. 1 of the locked repeaters has an on signal, when the repeaters locking them are pulsed off for 1 tic the signal transfers down, however in java edition the signal would be unable to flow. (in order to replicate this counter in java edition one would need to power the redstone line 1 tic after the torch turns off from a continuous signal, because redstone torches cannot turn off for a 1 tic pulse in that version)


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