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Redstone components don't apply the correct amount of delay when activated by world changes


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      What I expected to happen was...

      On flicking the power switch in each example, the blue example shown would fire like the red example shown (end repeater lights up).

      What actually happened was...

      In the blue example, the output repeater doesn't fire. If you rapidly flick the switch back and forth, the blue repeater fires intermittently.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Drive redstone current into a block on top of a piston to generate a 1-tick pulse (red example). Position a repeater to pick up the current from the piston block, but the redstone should flow directly from power source to the block.
      1. Turn on the power source; the piston will fire and the output repeater will light up for its pulse duration.
      1. Insert a repeater anywhere along the input line and toggle the power source. the output repeater will not fire.
      1. Rapidly toggle the power source (switch works best). The repeater will occasionally fire.
      1. replacing the relay with redstone torch inverters shows the same issue (the mechanism will fire when the torch is placed, but not when the mechanism is toggled).
      1. Using an observer block as the power source showed the same issue.

      Minecraft pocket edition 0.15.0 (iOS - replicated on iPhone 6 and iPad air 2)

      Update by nighter
      This bug has been reported to our internal bug tracker for further testing and a fix. It is scheduled to be fixed in one of the future updates (no specific date can be provided).
      Please avoid duplicate comments. Post only NEW information regarding this bug.

      Update by talaeus, explaining the cause of the bug
      Repeaters don't apply the delay properly in all cases. If the repeater was activated by another pure redstone component being ticked, then the delay will be correct. However, if it was activated by a world change (lever, piston modifying a circuit, pressure plates, buttons, etc) then the repeater will output a signal 1 tick too fast. A 1-delay repeater will act as a 0-delay repeater (that is, completely ignored). A 3-delay repeater will act as a 2-delay repeater.

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