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Extremely low spawn rate in realms even with nobody else online



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      I made an ender ender but it is extremely slow, why? I have no idea. Just barely any endermen are spawning. I’ve been using this design since 1.1 and it’s wirked not as fast as java edition, because pe has slower spawn rate but still it was fine. Now I left for like 5 mins and it caps at like 5 endermen. There’s nobody online, ive relogged to unload all chunks for sure, no other crazy farms, I’m 128 blocks away from mainland, slow spawn rate on windows 10 and iOS. The design I used was the one iskall used in hermitcraft series 4, but the top part is like the second screen shot I had to modify it because apparenlty in pe endermen can’t see endermites in minecarts please fix this it’s extenelty annoying I spent all day on this farm for an extremity disappointing outcome please fix this it used to be way faster now it’s extremely slow and makes this entire farm, 26 stacks of slabs, a stack of emeralds for name tags because the endermite kept dying, basically a total waste of time


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