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Mineshafts generate by overlapping each other.


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      Dear Mojang,

      I have tested many seeds and I discovered that in all of them the mineshafts generate within eachother.

      This means that exploring mineshafts can be a lot more difficult than intentional. They sometimes look like they will never end as well.

      But thats not the only or the biggest problem with this bug.

      My biggest problem is that all the placements of the mineshafts can be completely random on each seed because they aren't spread out anymore.

      This means that at some seeds they are really close a spawn, while on others they can very far away.

      I won't be able to find any mineshafts in all survival worlds because of this bug.

      Please take a look at my screenshots I have send you, and test some seeds out in your game yourself to find proof of this problem.



      It seems to be fixed in 1.11, yay ^^


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