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      Bug: Mineshafts generate very improperly, in the sense that they constantly overlap each other, and intersect each other consistently. Due to this, it makes exploration difficult and frustrating, making mineshafts overall an inconvenience to find. I would also like to add that this bug has existed for numerous versions, possibly even dating back to before the better together update. No, this bug isn’t game breaking, but it needs to be fixed in a quality-of-life style update, since it’s disappointing that this bug still persists to this day. And yes, this is a duplicate of MCPE-28485. That’s how desperately this needs to be fixed.


      Steps to Reproduce: In order to see the extent of this yourselves, please go to create a world, generate an infinite world, locate a mineshaft using the /locate command, teleport to it, then explore it. As far as I’m concerened, this affects every version, on every device running the bedrock codebase.


      As I said before, it’s very disappointing to see that this issue still persists, and hopefully, by creating this report, you guys might actually look into fixing this. I’m sorry I’ve created a duplicate, but this needs to be fixed.


      I will not be attaching pictures, due to the link to the other report located above, which has a fine gallery of what the current situation looked, and still looks like to this day.


      I hope i’ve provided enough information, and I look forward to seeing this corrected in the future. Thank you.

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