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World sync between consoles not working properly



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      This continues to be a problem. What I have seen is when I copy a world on one console it will sync on the other console. But the original world does not. If the name is changed on the world that does not sync. I only got this part to work by leaving the game running in the background on the first console before going to the other console. If I leave it running on the first console it won't allow me to launch the game. At least that was on the beta
      I thought maybe I should not make a copy and the original world would sync in lieu of the copy. Last night I did not make a copy of the world. This morning I launched the other console and the world I had saved there yesterday was there but not updated from the other console. (I place objects so I can tell in picture on the play list). I launched the world and confirmed it was an old version. I deleted it, quit the game, did a console hard re-boot and relaunched. Nothing additional synced.
      So I went to the other console from last night and check and my world was gone! I had lost it all. This was the world I had worked on from the beta. Needless to say I am PO'ed.
      My original bug post was not even looked at. I have another one not looked at as well. But I saw one of the developers complaining on tweeter that you have to give us details. TELL ME WHAT ELSE YOU NEED BEFORE YOU LOOK AT MY BUG POSTINGS?


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