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Using /setblock to create redstone_wire with non-zero data value causes false redstone signal strength visual until actual redstone update



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      Using the following command (any valid block placement position and non-zero data value causes this visual bug) when standing on any solid block but not any block at foot level causes a temporarily stuck false visual of an active power level. Placing redstone wire manually connect to it with 0 strength but the set one will stay vistally "on". Only when it is told to update by a direct change to a redstone strength without it being the same method.

      /setblock ~ ~ ~ redstone_wire 15

      Screenshots show:

      • the command used
      • placing redstone dust manually
      • placing a lever next to it (broken afterwards without powering it; still active)
      • Powering problem redstone_dust with another lever a few blocks away (can also have powered the lever I broke to make it work; this one caused the strength to go down in this instance.)
      • Unpowering the lever (proof it is working correctly)

      Note that this may be useful for map makers, yet I assume this is unintended behavior.

      Possibly related to MCPE-21218

      Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 4
      App Store: Google Play
      Other: Rooted / Custom ROM


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