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Llamas Suffocate in a 2 High Space



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      Verification builds: Retail

      Llamas suffocate when they are in a 2 high gap / space.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Spawn a llama
      2. Place a block 3 up from the ground, above it's head

      Observed Results:
      The llama starts to take suffocation damage.

      Expected Results:
      The llama should be able to walk through a 2 high gap, as they do in the Java version.

      Screenshots/Videos attached: Yes

      Original Description:

      I went out last night and got two beautiful Llamas, a white and a brown one with a cream face. I tamed them both. I led them by lead across half the freaking world. I got them home, put them in a secure fenced yard with horses. I put blankets on them. My daughter named them both...I gave them nametags. I put a chest on the white one. She had 6 slots, not too bad.....I bred them and made a little baby white llama....logged in today to go find more llamas....and instead found BOTH NAMED LLAMAS GONE. Out the llamas, the time, and the name tags. I've checked the area....no mobs inside the fencing, gates all shut, no horses missing, no wandering llamas about. I check with my family and no one else has been online, so no took them or hid them or accidentally killed them...They appear to have (just like horses in the past) entirely despawned. The baby has grown up and was jsut standing in the yard.


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