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Peaceful mode doesn't work


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      I'm having an issue with peaceful mode I was on peaceful mode and I still saw mobs like Zombies,Creepers etc.

      Gatharian added (from MCPE-20991)
      I'm having 2 different problems.

      1. The game difficulty setting is not kept when you exit your world.
      2. While in world, I cannot select the game difficulty "Hard" until I have selected the difficulties Normal or Easy first.

      Steps to Reproduce

      • Create a new world.
      • Set the game difficulty to Peaceful.
      • Create the world.
      • While you're in the world change your game difficulty to Hard.
      • You may not be able to select the game difficulty until you select Easy or Normal first.
      • Once the game difficulty is set open the menu again.
      • Notice that the game difficulty is correctly set to "Hard".
      • Close your world.
      • Edit your world.
      • Notice the game difficulty is set to Peaceful again!

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