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Stairs have an odd lighting quirk due to their multiple-cuboid model


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      At night or in a dark room, if you look at the back side of stairs when there is a light source behind the stairs, there is a lighting quirk that occurs - most likely due to the multiple cuboids in the stairs model. Note that this issue only seems to occur with smooth lighting enabled.

      This bug was previously mentioned in MCPE-8054, but since that ticket had become bloated with a total of 3 technically separate bugs (2 of which had been fixed), the remaining bug (this one) was reported separately and MCPE-8054 was resolved as fixed.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Set your brightness to 0 and enable smooth lighting.
      2. Go into a dark room or set the time to night.
      3. Place down stairs. (quartz is the best for seeing the bug)
      4. Place a torch in front of the stairs. (the side with the steps)
      5. View the stairs from the flat back side.

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