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Inconsistent game state after crash (and it crashes a lot)



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      This bug really takes the fun out of the game:

      When restarting after a crash, the player position and inventory seem to be exactly where they were before the crash, but many other things are in an earlier state, which is inconsistent and creates some huge issues.


      I had just secured a skeleton spawner in a cave when the game crashed. After the restart, the world state was about 1 minute in the past: The walls of the room with the spawner were intact, and there were no torches. However the player position was where it crashed, inside the room. Inside the dark room, with no door, and filled with skeletons...

      I was just "moving house" from the first temporary base to a larger, nicer one when the game crashed just as I had stashed a large amount of inventory into a chest in the new base. After the crash the chest that I had stashed the stuff into was no longer there, and the previously stashed items were neither in my inventory nor anywhere else...

      These are just two examples, the game crashes very frequently, and frequently the restored state is inconsistent as described above.

      PS: I'm not 100% sure, but it feels that the game crashes particularly often when opening and/or closing a chest.

      PPS: Sorry to say, I really like Minecraft, but it is the most buggy game I have every played on my iPad, nothing else crashes so often. Am looking forward to updates and bug fixes!



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