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End crystals regeneration beam disappears and sky color changes when you look up


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    • 1.16.100
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      Xperia Z5

      The problem is with the beam that comes out of the end crystals that regenerates the dragon's health. When I look away from the crystal itself. The beam disappears. Mostly visible when I rebirth the dragon. All the crystals beam points up to the sky. When I look straight up, the beam disappears. The sky also changes colors, not sure why this is?

      Steps to reproduce

      • Kill the ender dragon in the end using /kill @e
      • Place down required crystals in order to respawn Ender dragon.
      • Beams from the end crystals you just placed appear.
      • The beams that are coming from the end crystals disappear when you look straight up.
      • The sky color also changes color when you look straight up. Not sure what is causing this.

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