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Inventory and chests are not in sync when game crashes



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      Not only in the last version, but in multiple version I've noticed that the inventory and chests updating are not in sync if (or when) the game crashes. Most often the inventory is kept, i.e. as it was when game crashed, but recent updates to chests are lost.

      The last scenario I experienced today, was that I'd been on a mining expedition, and returning to main base with 2 stacks of Iron Blocks, 7 Gold Blocks, 2 stacks of Hardened Clay, multiple stacks of Lapis Lapzuli Blocks and Redstone Blocks, and multiple diamons, horse armor, and other stuff.

      When I got back to my main base I started distributing everything into my chests, and when I was close to finished the game crashes on opening a chest. When logging back into the game, my inventory is almost empty (as it was when game crashed), and all the extra stuff just put into the chests had disappeared. (In other words, my 3-4 hours of mining had just vanished! )

      So, I understand that the game crashes and that some progress is lost, but it would be really nice if the inventory and chests where more in sync so that not all updates where lost.

      PS! I tried looking for a similar bug, but wasn't able to locate one related to the synchronisation issue between the chests and the inventory.

      PPS! The actual bug crashing my game might be covered by another bug report, but this bug report is more related to the inventory and chest coordination.


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