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Librarian Villagers Disconnecting from Workstations and not reconnecting then disappearing


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      After some recent update on the realm I pay for, my librarian villagers began to disconnect from their workstations they were paired with and stuck behind in my villager farm. When I broke the workstations, only about a third of the villagers would reconnect to a workstation when placed in front of them. I could place the workstation in another location and they were connect but then if I placed it in front of them while they remained in their minecart, they would not connect to the workstation. I then had to free my villagers from their minecarts and let them run loose so they could connect and disconnect from workstations fluidly. Now my villagers are disappearing. This is not occurring with my other villager types (farmers, clerics, masons, etc) only my librarians. I have now lost almost all of the librarians and they cannot escape the area I have them in. They are just disappearing like the old bug. This is so much work I have put into the game just gone now. I am quite frustrated. And I am considering quitting playing the game and stopping my monthly subscription to realms.

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