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Spawn Rate too high and too fast including mob spawners


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      Phone model: Lenovo A536

      I've made a Blaze Exp Farm with just 1 mob spawner in the nether in survival mode. Before the update, it works well spawning 2-3 blazes every 30 seconds.

      After the update, I tried to farm for some exp and noticed that the spawn was ridiculously fast. Now it spawns about 5-6 blazes every 4-5 seconds.

      Unfortunately I can't get a screenshot because as soon as I turn off the redstone mechanism that lets the blazes spawn, after about 10-15 seconds when the first 5-6 blazes spawn, when I try to kill them using a sword, the game crashes. I've replicated this issue about 6 times and it crashes every time after the first hit on a blaze.

      All in all in about 15 seconds I've got about 15+ blazes in a 1x17x16 wide space.

      I also tried exploring the nether fortress where I haven't changed a lot of the terrain. When I entered a chunk where there was a blaze spawner about 30 blocks out from where I was standing, the game initially lagged so bad that I couldn't move.

      I also noticed that there were too many Ghasts. Before the update I could explore an area for about 5 mins before 1 Ghast spawns, when I entered the same chunks where the spawner was nearby, I had like 2-3 Ghasts shooting at me.

      After restarting the game and switching to peaceful mode. The lag just disappeared.

      I also created a sky base where the ground level had a few dark areas enough for mobs to spawn. back then I'd usually have 1-2 mobs lingering about. Now when I tried going down there to kill the mobs, I noticed that after a few seconds, mobs will spawn in groups of 2-3. Fast enough to prevent me from staying too long. I had to light the place underneath the base just to avoid dying from 2-3 creepers every 30 seconds or so.

      Update: I'm not sure if the update also included increased spawn rate as before I hardly have any mobs spawn even with a sky mob farm in creative on a flat world the spawner barely works. If the spawn rates have been updated, I think the spawn works ok now, just that it spawns too many mobs at a time.

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