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very glitchy with movement, block placement and missing sounds



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      my family and i all play and all on different devices on a private server. i and my husband have samsung galaxy s7. he sometimes plays from his tablet an asus 7 tab. and my children play from acer 7 tabs. since the new update: 1. the sound effects for breaking weapons and tools is gone you just start hitting things with your hand without warning. 2. movements are very glitchy. i can shoot an arrow straight but it will hit someone well off to the side of it or next to me rather than the target the cross is on. when someone gets i a bed they are floating in the middle of the room no where near the bed. 3. very slow at or unable to.move bulk blocks into or from a storage box. were in the last version, for example, you could hold down on a stack of 64 wood planks to move it to a chest. a green bar would appear and they would move once it finished loading the bar. NOW you gold down the bar appears but the items don't move once it is full. this happens with all sizes of stacks not just full ones. occasionally I can get them to move over a few at a time by not letting the bar fully loaded but this rarely happens. 4. placing or removing blocks is very slow. i will hear the sound that the block is gone or placed way before i see it. maybe part or the bad lag now? I never had lag like this on any other update. and like before said my whole family is having this problem on different phones and tablets.


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