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Transferring items to Certain Containers is Buggy


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      Mega_Spud Update:
      In 0.16.0 on touchscreen, this seems to affect all containers including chests.

      Tested on Samsung TabPro SM-T520 in Creative mode

      When transferring a stack of items to a Hopper, dropper or dispenser, the items don't reliably move to the container.


      • If trying to transfer half a stack of arrows to a dispenser, when you release halfway through holding the item, the progress bar continues animating until fully green, but nothing actually moves to the container
      • When holding the item to transfer a whole stack, only some of the items transfer, or none at all.
      • Tapping a stack will transfer one item, but double tapping will fill the transfer bar, but none will move across. (the transfer bar then doesn't disappear)
      • When holding a stack to transfer it, the transfer bar can move around following finger movements, and will then sit out of place (see screenshot #2)

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