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New Customizable Control Bugged



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      Hello Mojang!

      I'm currently playing minecraft bedrock beta. And i want to say thank you for adding new customizable control. But, there is a bug that really-really annoying

      It's difficult to describe, but the bug is:
      • if i install a mods (including the True Zombie Apocalypse that have bicycle & car) to my world and i open my world. When i ride bicycle/car, turns out it reset over & over again, and i've tested it with horse, it reset too. (and it only affect when you're on survival)

      • everyday when i open my minecraft, open my world with the mods, with ui pack, even the vanilla one. when it load, it reset and it often when you open the game for alike 15 minutes to find the bug.

      • i found a bug again similar with this, but this time when i die while i set my control, i can't escape, quit, or even press the "done" & "reset" Button, it happen on the vanilla one)

      Seriously i have this problem when i start to play on my world with all mods that i've set it, it turns out, my customizable control that i've set is reset. Please fix it

      For the spesific mod & texture pack that i use to test the bug:
      1. True Zombie apocalypse
      2. Ty el


      Here's the footage:

      • Footage 1 (for the reset bug when i ride/mount)
      • Footage 1.5 (same with footage 1, but with vanilla one, same world different record footage)
      • Footage 2 (for the reset bug when i opened it, it still the same day, same set, same world, different place & different record footage)
      • Footage 3 (for the "can't press the button" bug)


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        4. Footage 3-1.mp4
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