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[Scripting] getRotation() doesn't return proper entity rotation


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      When using the getRotation() method on a non-player entity, it doesn't return the 'visual' rotation of the entity, only the rotation while it is moving or when it stopped moving.

      Steps To Reproduce:

      • Setup a script to run every tick that gets one entity that uses the random_look component
      • Send the getRotation() values to the console
      • Observe that the rotation really only updates while the entity is pathfinding, while it looks around, the rotation values don't update (see attached video)

      Expected Results:

      • getRotation() [getViewDirection() also has a similar issue] returns the entities current head rotation, respecting entity components such as random_look

      Observed Results:

      • getRotation() only appears to return entity rotation while it is moving

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