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Diagonal patterns get inverted in shields


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      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Apply any of the "Per Bend" patterns on a banner;
      2. Put it on a shield.

      Observed Results:
      The pattern is inverted.

      Expected Results:
      The pattern matches.

      Screenshots/Videos attached: Yes

      Notes: This is an error with the naming of the regular banner textures, not the shield. That has been reported in MCPE-169579.

        1. Per Bend.png
          Per Bend.png
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        2. Per Bend Inverted.png
          Per Bend Inverted.png
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        3. Per Bend Sinister.png
          Per Bend Sinister.png
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        4. Per Bend Sinister Inverted.png
          Per Bend Sinister Inverted.png
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