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Crash when using /execute to teleport a player to another dimension


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      When you use a command block (impulse, needs redstone) that teleports a player between dimensions and has the command "/execute in the_end run teleport @p 100 50 0", the game crashes. When you use /execute directly on chat to teleport a player to another dimension, the game doesn't crash.


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Create a new world with game mode is Creative and Cheats are turned on. This will disable earning all achievements on that world.
      2. Get a command block using "/give @s command_block"
      3. Place the command block and make sure the command block is impulse and needs redstone.
      4. Type the command "/execute in the_end run teleport @p 100 50 0" on newly placed command block.
      5. Put a button on top of the command block.
      6. Use the button.

      Observed Results:

      The game shows "Generating world - Building terrain" and crashes after step 6.

      Expected Results:

      The game won't crash. The nearest player will be teleported to the End.

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