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Sweetberry bushes no longer damage the player in survival


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      When the player touches a sweetberry bush, they are only slowed down and don't take damage like they do in previous versions and Java Edition. This only affects players - mobs still take damage and thus this is not a regression of MCPE-140012.


      Steps to Reproduce:

      • Create a new world in Creative Mode.
      • Place some sweetberry bush saplings with the Creative berry inventory item.
      • Use bone meal to grow them to either full grown or full grown with berries.
      • Switch the game mode to Survival.
      • Walk or run through the bushes.

      Expected Result:

      The player should be slowed and take damage.

      Observed Result:

      The player slows down as expected but receives no damage from the bushes.


      The attached video file shows the issue.

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