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Item drop location for inventory contents of storage entities is offset to the southeast


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      When you break a hopper or chest minecart or chest boat, or kill a chested donkey, lllama, or mule, any items in its inventory drop along with the cart/boat variant or chest, as the case may be. The cart/boat item entity itself spawns at the exact position the cart/boat entity was located at before breaking, and the chest of a chested animal appears at +1Y of the animal's position before killing. By contrast, the items that the entity contained spawn near +0.5 X, +0.5 Z, of the exact position the entity was located at before breaking, and in the case of carts/boats +0.5Y as well. This makes it very difficult to create reliable collection systems for container entities and their items. For example, if you break a chest/hopper-minecart that is in an enclosed 1 x 1 chamber, some of its items may spawn inside the enclosing wall and glitch out of the chamber.

      Note: this issue may seem related to MCPE-93783, but that report concerns the minecart itself and that issue is caused by an interaction between random item drop momentum and the incorrect collection range of hoppers. This report is about the items in the inventory of the a storage minecart and has nothing to do with the random momentum of item drops.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Load MCPE-160189 Inventory Drops.mcworld . This world has 5 congruent test setups with signs explaining how to use. In each test, items are made to drop from killing/breaking a storage entity or block, the item entity locations are marked with a green particle, and then the items are killed.
      2. Run the first test (hopper minecart) without adding items, in order to see where the hopper minecart itself drops.
      3. Run the first test again adding the item.
      4. Run the tests for chest minecart, chest boat, donkey, and hopper multiple times for comparison. For the donkey, compare it chested with and without an item inside, and for the hopper compare it with and without an item inside.

      Expected result

      When a storage entity is broken/killed, item drops from its inventory would spawn near the same spot as the item drop representing the entity itself, and centered at least on the X and Z axes.

      Observed result

      • Items from the inventory of a hopper/chest minecart and chest boat spawn near +0.5 X, +0.5 Y, +0.5 Z of the position where the cart/boat item spawns. The cart/boat itself drops at its center (= its exact position).
      • Items from a chested donkey's inventory spawn at Y = 0 and between +0 and +0.5X, Z relative to the donkey's position, while the chest spawns at +1Y and centered horizontally.

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