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Minecarts come out of nether portals offset to the NW and may displace or kill mobs that come through portals after them


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      Steps to reproduce

      1. Make a nether portal.
      2. Go through the portal to the other dimension.
      3. At the destination portal, make a wall of solid blocks covering the portal on the north or west side (-Z or -X).
      4. Go back through the portal.
      5. In the original dimension, send a minecart into the portal, then send a mob such as a villager through the portal.
      6. Go through the portal.

      Expected result

      The minecart and mob are in the middle of the portal in the other dimension, or they push each other out or you push them out to the east or south, since the west and north are blocked.

      Observed result

      Minecart is embedded in the wall of solid blocks and the mob is most likely suffocating in the blocks while stuck in the minecart, or may have already died by the time the dimension loads.

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