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Mobs disappear when you place a boat next to them where it touches a nether portal


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      Steps to reproduce

      1. Spawn a mob next to a nether portal.
      2. Place a boat next to the mob and the portal so that the boat instantly gets taken by the portal.

      Expected results

      • If the boat pulls in the mob then it should not be taken by the portal, OR
      • If the boat is taken by the portal it should not be able to pull in the mob at the same time, OR
      • If the portal takes the boat with the mob in it, both the boat and the mob should be sent to the portal in the other dimension.

      Observed result

      The boat pulls in the mob AND gets taken by the portal. The boat is sent to the portal in the other dimension (under the portal due to MCPE-157992), but the mob gets set to the coordinates of the exit portal without changing dimension.
      Boat portal shenanigans.mp4

      So I've 2 things happen when it comes with villagers going through portals first and just as weird:

      when trying too push a villager through the portal from the overworld with a boat, I missed and destroyed the boat and the villager didn't go through, no big deal so I picked up the boat and replaced it in the active portal frame, the villager went into the boat, but both the villager and boat disappeared!! I went through and the villager and boat were nowhere too be found! I looked everywhere near the portal In the portal and they were no where to be foundĀ 

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