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Nether portal kills (suffocates) player, stuck on Load screen


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      Ever since upgrading our server to 1.19.0 we have been having issues with the nether portals. When there is only 1 player online, the portals work as expected albeit a bit slow. but as soon as there are 3 or 4 players online entering a portal is like russian roulette. 

      If I enter a portal in the overworld to get to the nether, all other players on the server will experience a significant lag spike, but usually I can get to the nether without problems. On the way back to the overworld however, I will enter the portal, and get stuck on the loading screen. While on the loading screen, I will start to hear suffocation/damage sounds. Other players on the server will see the death message appear on screen saying that I suffocated, meanwhile I am still on the loading screen. 

      When I restart the game and log back in, I end up back at my respawn point, and when I went to look for my items they were gone. they did not end up on the ground on either side of the portal. 

      This happens sporadically when using portals on the server. it seems more likely to happen when there are 3-4 players online.


      Some details about the server:

      hosted by Shockbyte 

      Version 1.19.0 bedrock edition. 

      All players are playing on Windows 10 machines

      Copy of the world backup from the server: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lhfm690v3PtsKx8ZlMR3XMmdXni9FQXF/view?usp=sharing 

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