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Parity Issue: Allay's item detection range is double that of Java


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      The Bug:

      MC-250294 was a Java bug that involved the parity difference in how far an Allay can detect items from. Bedrock's item detection was 64 (or 65 counting the block the allay was in) while Java's was 9. This issue was marked as "fixed" when Java's Allay item detection was increased to 32 in 22w16a. However, Bedrock stayed at 64 for weeks, so another bug report was made to describe this remaining parity issue; MC-251766

      This bug was closed and marked as "Works As Intended," meaning the parity issue must be with Bedrock; Bedrock Allays should have an item detection range of 32 when it is currently at least double that.

      How to Reproduce:

      1. Set up a situation, probably with a dropper, in which an allay has to pick up an item on Java edition from 64 blocks out.
      2. The allay will take no notice, and only go to grab it within a 32 block range.
      3. Try the same thing on Bedrock; the allay will be able to see the item from the entire 64 blocks away and will fly toward it and retrieve it.


      The attached videos demonstrate this behavior difference in each version. Although they do not depict the most recent versions, they still accurately reflect the game.

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