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Did not save my house in the full, paid-for version


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      My sister and I spent hours building a huge house. It was about 5 or 6 stories tall. We finished it and we closed the app and when we came back to that world it did not save our work!! And yes, we do have the full $6.99 version. I am very unhappy. So we deal with it and build it again. It saves it that time. We make a swimming pool in one floor of our house and manny windows and chairs (technically stairs, but they look like chairs). Close it, come back to it and it's gone. (The pool, the 'chairs', and the windows). And this is after your update. Fix this or I will never recommend a friend to get the full, very over-priced version, ever. Especially if its not going to save, since that one of the things I paid way too much for. Also you need to update your "Affects/Versions" thing. In the unreleased is 0.6.0. I have 0.6.0. Fix that too.

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