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Hopper minecarts with 5 partial filled stacks don't pick up matching items if there is a different item present


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      If you put 5 stone blocks (or any stackable) item in a hopper minecart, 1 per slot and put a block over the minecart and throw another item (like dirt) on and then the item in the hopper minecart slots, the item in the hopper minecart slots will not be picked up. If the other item (dirt) is removed, it will be collected.

      How to reproduce:

      1. Fill a hopper minecart with 5 dirt, 1 per slot
      2. Put a block over the hopper minecart
      3. Throw any item other than dirt on the block
      4. Throw dirt on the block

      Observed results:

      The dirt is not collected

      Expected results:

      The dirt should be collected.

      On Java edition, the dirt would be collected.



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