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"enable_attachables" only hide bow instead of any items


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      Recently I bought Battle & Beast 2 Skin Pack, which has a "baby ghast" skin. The skin only consists of a head-part. This skin has its "Enable_Attachables" attribute set to "false", so I have been testing it in-game.

      The Problem

      When holding items, only a bow is affected. The bow is the only working item that is being hidden, other items can still be seen by the owner and other players (Multiplayer). Upon lookup on Microsoft Docs, it should be:

      Entity Documentation

      This determines if the entity can equip attachables when this is set to true. This allows the entity to render armor and weapons.


      Upon further testing, I've concluded that the game assigned default render controllers into the game skins with identifier:


      which is not correct. Skinpack should be rendered independently without the game automatically assigning players render_controllers.

      Step to Reproduce

      • Buy "Battle & Beast 2" Skin Pack
      • Use "Baby Ghast" Skin
      • Get a bow and any other item
      • Look closely at Skin Hand

      Expected Result

      Any item will not be rendered

      Actual Result

      Only the Bow is not rendered

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