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Items equipped to hands are not counted by q.equipment_count


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    • 1.17.10, 1.19.20
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      The query q.equipment_count does not count items equipped to either a mob’s main hand or its off-hand.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Load a world with Test Mob.mcpack. This pack adds an animation to bats that makes them spawn a codfish when q.equipment_count is 1 or greater.
      2. Spawn a bat and run /replaceitem entity @e[type = bat] slot.weapon.mainhand 0 iron_sword
      3. Spawn a bat and run /replaceitem entity @e[type = bat] slot.weapon.offhand 0 shield
      4. Spawn a bat and run /replaceitem entity @e[type = bat] slot.armor.head 0 golden_helmet

      Expected result

      Each bat spawns a codfish.

      Observed result

      The bats in steps (2)-(3) do not spawn codfish. Only the bat in step (4) spawns a codfish.

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