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      I had to trim the original video from 55 Seconds to I believe 18 seconds to Even upload it, Ill leave a link to My original Reddit Post with the Full 55 Second clip. But getting the the Point since the 1.17.40 Release my game has gotten significant Entity Lag (Like breaking blocks Mobs moving slowly (Example Slimes) and throwing Items) They Move almost like there in Slow Motion Its made it very difficult to play since its also affecting Redstone times Breaking a lot of builds in my world so I've had to stop playing, and I'm making this post because I hoped the next Hotfix would fix this issue but hasn't and I'm still having Entity lag (Items/Mobs/Redstone Being Affected) This issue only started after the 1.17.40 Update, In the Video I throw my sword which moves in a slow motion like movement and takes about 4-5 seconds to hit the ground just from standing on a flat surface. When breaking blocks I get a lot of block lag happening with blocks reappearing after being broken its very frustrating to deal with which has caused me to Stop playing Minecraft all together now, With it making the game Border Line Unplay able in its current state. I'm hoping this issue can get Resolved with me making this Post, I will also Link My Own reddit post as I stated before and Another Reddit Users post whos dealing with the same Issue on PC. My Reddit Post ( and user MrCurve69s Post (


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