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When I sleep, I wake up inside blocks


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      Description from EVGENSYPERPRO

      Getting out of bed after sleep, the player can get up in some incomplete blocks, leaves, glass, beacon and some other blocks.

      It can happen by accident. The player does not always stand in these blocks. To accurately reproduce this problem, you need to build a small structure. More details in steps to reproduce. And I will give a list of blocks in which the player may find himself getting out of bed.

      • Chests
      • Glass
      • Shulker Box
      • Leaves
      • Beacon
      • TNT
      • Lectern
      • Composter
      • Cauldron
      • Anvil
      • Brewing Stand
      • Azalea
      • Pointed Dripstone
      • Big Dripleaf
      • Dragon Egg
      • Grindstone

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Build the structure as shown in the image.
      2. Place the affected block in place of the diamond block (list above).
      3. Go to sleep.
      4. Get out of bed.

      Observed results:
      The player will be inside the block.

      Expected results:
      When the player gets out of bed, he must not get inside the blocks.

      Minecraft 2021-10-10 15-46-23.mp4

      Original Description
      When I fell asleep it turns out that when I wake up, he directs me to the side of the bed but inside or on the chest

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