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Villagers can phase through glass, slabs, etc. when getting out of bed


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      Steps to reproduce

      1. Load MCPE-142544.mcworld
      2. Use the buttons to switch between day and night.
      3. As shown in Villager getting out of bed.mp4 , replace the red/glass block with various combinations of slabs, glass and solid blocks.

      Expected result

      The villager finds an open, available spot next to its bed when exiting the bed, refusing to collide with an motion-blocking block.

      Observed result

      The villager avoids colliding with solid bocks but can be offset inside of and through non-solid motion-blocking blocks such as glass and slabs.

      I have an underground village with villagers kept in place by cubicles with oak wood slabs around them top and bottom so they can't jump out but I can see in.

      They have a bed and workstation and now they have started glitching out through the slabs after they go to sleep and get out of bed, this didn't happen before the update 2 days ago

      They now are not confined to their own cubicle and are running around at risk of falling into my iron farm

      I'm playing on my own realm on Xbox one X 

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