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Minecart Visual Stutter/Desync After New Update


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    • 1.19.0
    • 1.17.30, 1.17.32, 1.17.40, 1.18.0, 1.18.12 Hotfix
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      Steps to reproduce

      1. Set up a line of activated powered rails 20+ blocks long.
      2. Send minecarts down the line.

      Expected result

      Minecarts move smoothly.

      Observed result

      Minecarts stutter and rubberband horrendously.

      When a minecart is launched, the minecart appears to move back and forth along the track in a weird "laggy" way that reminds me of server lag, even though I am playing on a singleplayer world. This appears to be a visual bug since minecarts still interact with other objects (detector rails, hoppers, player collision) normally. This effect only happened when I updated to 1.17.30 and never before. I have tested it in other worlds, and created new worlds, and found that minecarts behave the same way, so it's not just isolated to one world. The laggy effect happens to all types of minecart. The Minecart appears to behave normally when you, the player,  are in it.

      Edit: quitting and going back into the world resets the visual position of the minecart to its actual position.

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