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Experience orbs don't spread around


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      NOTE: This ticket is a clone from MCPE-103703 and MCPE-58715, but specifically for 1.17.40+

      The experience orbs that are dropped when the mobs died, ore is mined, or a bottle o' enchanting breaks are spawned in the exact same place and doesn't spread around.

      The expected behavior is for them to spread out in random directions similar to block drops. This worked in previous versions but broke in the latest beta.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Kill a mob, and quickly run away so the orbs aren't attracted to you.
      2. Watch as the body despawns and the orbs appear.

      Observed Result
      They all spawn in the exact same place, not spread across.

      Expected Result
      The XP orbs should spread around.

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