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Cannot combine enchant on "custom equipment's" item



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      "minecraft:durability" completely broken in Multiplayer (MCPE-153336).

      Updated with new sample file, using 1.19.0 version format.

      Update since 1.18.12:

      • The problem happened on 1.17.30 is gone but enchant combine problem is still persisted.

      Update since 1.17.30: 

      • Broken completely, can't combine any enchantment, with or without "minecraft:repairable" component.


      "Custom equipment's" item cannot combine enchantment when we add "minecraft:repairable" components into the item code.

      Step to reproduce:

      1. Install the addon sample below or use any addons contain "minecraft:repairable" in the item components, create a new world with the Creative Mode, addon activated, and Holiday Creator Features enabled.
      2. Take 2 custom items with the same type mentioned above (for example, helmet).
      3. Enchant each item with 1 enchantment type. Make sure the enchantment can combine later on.
      4. Combine 2 enchanted items with an anvil.

      Expected results:

      • If the enchantment of the 2 items is the same, it will give the item possessing the combined enchantment from the input items, along with a higher enchantment level.
      • If the enchantment of the 2 items is different, it will give the item possessing 2 enchantments from the input items.

      Observed Results:

      • Output items appear correctly as expected results on the anvil's interface but do not allow the player to take away from the anvil.
      • Combine a custom item and a book work as intended. (example: a Custom Pickaxe with Unbreaking I and an Unbreaking I book).


      • If we remove "minecraft:repairable" component, enchant combination will work as intended, but we cannot custom what item is required to repair the item, except itself (combine an enchanted item with an unenchanted one on the anvil).
      • Affected on all modes, including Creative, Survival, Adventure.
      • Although we cannot receive the output items, the game still registered it as a successful enchant, losing the anvil durability, but no loss in levels/XP points.


      • Try to put every enchantments you wish for on a book, then apply it to the item you want.
      • Try to maxed out an enchantments on a book first, then apply it to the item you want.

            Make sure the enchantments and the item are compatible.

            Efficiency enchantment will not work and there is no workaround for this issue yet (MCPE-100344).




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