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Updating waterloggable blocks with water causes them to become a ghost block


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      If a block is placed next to or above a waterlogged block, or a bucket is used to change the waterlogged state of a block (placing or removing water), then a ghost version of the base block appears client-side. This causes many errors (incomplete list):

      • For beds and double chests, this only occurs when one half of the block is waterlogged.
      • If the entire bed and double chest are waterlogged, the blocks themselves stop rendering instead.
      • When water disappears on affected blocks, entering the space plays the water splashing sound once instead of twice (unintended, yet useful: MCPE-126671).
      • When water disappears on affected blocks, entering the space allows the client to move at full walking speed.
      • Trying to break an affected block will fail once, even in creative mode (in survival mode, the breaking textures appear, but resets once).
      • Using a sticky piston to retract an affected block moves the server-side block, but also keeps the client-side ghost block in the original space.
      • If the base (not head) of an extended sticky piston is affected, then placing a movable block on the piston head, attempting to break the piston base once, and deactivating the piston, causes the client to crash.

      Steps to Reproduce (When using a water bucket):

      1. Dig a 1 block deep hole
      2. Place a waterloggable block in the hole
      3. Waterlog the block
      4. Dig a 2 block wide, 1 block deep hole
      5. Place a bed or double chest in the hole
      6. Waterlog the bed or double chest

      Observed Results:
      At step 3, the water renders for a split second and then stops rendering.
      At step 6, the bed and double chest stop rendering.

      Expected Results:
      The water, bed, and double chest should all render correctly.

      Steps to Reproduce (When placing blocks):

      1. Navigate to a flat area
      2. Break one block in the ground
      3. Place water in the space
      4. Place a waterloggable block in the space (lever, stair, sign, slab, ladder, carpet, or another if desired)
      5. Place any block above or horizontally adjacent to the space

      Observed Results:
      The water disappears.

      Expected Results:
      The block appears submerged in a water source.


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