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Effect Still Occur After Far Land Remove


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      • Minor jitteriness can be first experienced at X/Z: ±16,384, noticeable if the player is moving slowly.
      • At X/Z: ±131,072, The jitteriness becomes noticeable when the player is sneaking. Climbing up ladders, vines, twisting vines and weeping vines while sneaking is slightly slower than normal if climbing by walking against a block. Sneaking diagonally starts to become bumpy. Lecterns and tripwire hooks start to become distorted. Levers experience small distortion if the player is viewed full.
      • At X/Z: ±262,144, String tripwire become invisible. Most sunflowers start to render incorrectly. Climbing up ladders and vines while sneaking is even slower and less smooth. Sweet berry bushes and cobwebs appear slightly larger.
        Sea pickles render with slightly thinner stems than normal.
      • At X/Z: ±524,288, Easily visible jitteriness is experienced and the further the player travels, the world gradually starts to become glitchy and unplayable.[4] It also becomes impossible to move forward or backward while in cobwebs past this point. Some blocks with 3D models render incorrectly, such as string, tripwire hooks, item frames, levers and lecterns. Painting can be placed multiple times on the same block. Some mobs are unable to move at these coordinates.
      • Past X/Z: ±1,048,576, The jitteriness becomes considerably unbearable, making crashes frequent at this point on low-end devices. Most blocks with 3D models, including cacti, levers, torches and bamboo render incorrectly,[4] and become more distorted the farther out the player travels.
      • Past X/Z: ±2,097,152, Certain blocks that are non-full blocks start to distort, including doors, fences, iron bars, and more. Dropped items can fall through the world at these coordinates.
      • Past X/Z: ±4,194,304, it is impossible to walk normally. Ender pearls, an elytra with fireworks, horseback, speed potions, and water are the only acceptable ways to travel from here onward. Sometimes players can fall through world when multiple coordinates not 0.5.
      • Beyond X/Z: ±8,388,608, Any entity less than 1 block high or wide, including the player, falls through blocks. Since blocks still have collision detection from the sides (unless both coordinates exceed this value) Speed 8 allows players to walk past 8,388,608, but if they teleport past 8,388,608, they always fall through the world. Flying, elytra and horseback are the only ways to navigate past this point in Survival; thus, it is impossible to reach the Far Lands on foot. The stonecutter has double blades at these coordinates.
      • The far lands are now removed in beta and not yet known in the future update whether the far lands are come back or not. But distance effects still occur until now.

      • The far lands are removed in beta and distance effects are is still occurring until now.

      Far Lands on Minecraft Bedrock Edition

      The terrain errors initiate at X/Z ±12,550,821, like in Java Edition.

      • Between X: +12,561,029 and X: +12,758,546 the Far Lands begin to take on a thinner "shredded" appearance, before fading out into either a Nothingness state.
      • What generates from there to the beginning of the Stripe Lands (X/Z: ±16,777,216) is just ocean, with a floor of bedrock. The bedrock generates in a pattern identical to how it normally generates underground. Biomes still exist; swamps darken the water and cold biomes generate ice on the top layer of water. Generated structures, such as villages, witch huts, and jungle temples still generate here. The large blocks of land eventually phases out to become long thin strips and eventually dotted arrays of floating blocks, resembling a 1-dimensional cross-section of the skygrid.
      • At X/Z: ±16,777,216, the Stripe Lands begin to render. They are caused when the precision loss of the world causes 1 out of every 2 blocks to be considered "invalid".
      • X/Z ±30,000,000 is the maximum teleportation distance; any attempt to teleport farther puts the player back at this coordinate. Players who writes certain command on this coordinates with chat or command block get an error message.
      • X/Z ±31,999,872 can be reached in the Overworld with the Nether by entering a Nether portal past X/Z ±3,999,984 in the Nether.
      • Beyond X/Z ±33,554,432 the "stripes" of the Stripe Lands disappear, leaving only vertical block rendering.
      • Beyond X/Z: ±67,108,864, it becomes impossible to manually travel using elytra with fireworks. However, it is possible to teleport using chorus fruit.
      • Generated structures like villages and ice spikes may continue to generate as far up to X/Z: ±134,217,728. However, they appear two-dimensional at this distance. In the Windows 10, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 editions, there is no limit to how far out structures can generate and they can be seen at distances of over 2 billion blocks.
      • Beyond X/Z: ±134,217,728, teleportation using chorus fruit is confirmed to be impossible. The only way to move beyond this limit is by using external tools.
      • At every power of two in the Stripe Lands, gaps between rendered blocks double. At X/Z ±1,073,741,824, blocks are 128 blocks apart and neighboring slices are invisible with a low render distance.

      • Far Lands at X/Z 1,073,741,823 in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.
        Near X/Z: ±2,147,483,648, the game crashes, as this is the 32-bit integer limit. However, not all devices are able to reach this point. Increasing render distance on near coordinates can cause the world and game to crash

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