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Villagers of same profession switching workstations



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      This issue is identical to MCPE-46157

      I brought in 24 villagers, one at a time from over 100 blocks away and linked each one separately in cells to their own work stations. They stayed linked and refreshed their trades for approximately 20 minecraft days without coming unlinked. 

      Since their original linking, I have not brought any new villagers into the area or placed any workstation of any other type (e.g. placing down a composter for personal use), anywhere within the trading hall.


      There were a couple of the villagers whose trades I maxed out prior to them coming unlinked and those villagers have not refreshed their trades. For the villagers who did not restock trades, I broke their workstations to confirm they were no longer linked to the station in front of them.


      The trading hall goes across 4 chunks, but my expectation is that a villager who is locked in a 1x1 block area with their linked station in front of them would not come unlinked.


      See image attached of several villagers unlink and relinking incorrectly.





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