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Instant mining of stone (and similar blocks) not working


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      Normally when using a Diamond or Netherite pickaxe with efficiency 5 and haste 2 you are able to break a stone block (or equivalent) block every game tick without the 6 tick delay, see wiki here for confirmation and a list of instant minable blocks. Unfortunately this does not happen in game. May be related or is the same as MCPE-108828

      What should happen: Blocks should be broken very quickly as happens in java here

      What Happens: Blocks are broken at a much slower rate than java and older versions of bedrock as displayed here

      How to reproduce: With a Netherite or diamond pickaxe enchanted with efficiency 5 and haste 2 perform a side-to-side sweeping motion as shown in either video. If possible do the same as on java for a comparison of speed.

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