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Haste level 1 has no mining speed increase


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      I've started a long project in my solo world- destroying the entire central end island, while doing so, I've discovered an interesting issue.
      Haste 1 given by beacons gives absolutely no speed increase to mining. Only haste 2 and above has an effect.

      Steps to reproduce:

      • Create any world
      • build a beacon in either creative or survival, it doesn't matter
      • obtain a netherite pickaxe with effeciency 5, for best visualization.
      • place some obsidian to mine with the pickaxe
      • activate the beacon to have level 1 Haste
      • Begin mining the obsidian, observe how long it takes to mine
      • disable the beacon
      • Mine the obsidian again, observe that it takes the same amount of time to mine as it did without haste 1

      Observed Results:

      Mining speed doesn't change whatsoever

      Expected result:

      Level 1 haste should give a 20% speed increase to mining, while level 2 should give 40%

            Gamershy Bobby Dobberstein
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