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Cannot use a glow ink sac on sign text colored with § codes



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    • 1.17.0
    • 1.17.10, Beta
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      It is possible to make signs dyed with any color dye glow, but if a sign is only colored using the § symbol and corresponding codes, neither ink sac does anything. If a sign is bolded/italicized using § codes, dye can be used to color it, then it can be glow-ified.

      It should also be noted that a normal ink sac will not darken an already glowing sign made pre-1.16.220.

      This is an issue for mapmakers & builders using multicolored signs as they are still illegible.


      After some further testing:

      • if dye is used on a sign w/ formatting codes, any black text not explicitly coded will change color and it will be possible to glow-ify the sign
      • this seems to be because ink sacs will not do anything to signs that the game thinks are black


      What should happen:

      • It should be possible to glow-ify colored signs regardless of the method used to color them
      • The colored sections of signs should glow even if there is uncolored text on the sign

      What actually happens:

      • Only signs colored with any dye can have a glow ink sac used on them, making multi-color signs difficult/usually illegible.




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