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Lost Inventory When Logged Into Microsoft Account



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      I was playing, for at least a month, with one of my friends on his world and we got netherite and enchanted stuff. I was not logged into my Microsoft account at the time, but we decided to play on a server. It required me to log into an account, which I did, and we played one night then the following morning we decided to play on his world again. I was still logged into my Microsoft account and when I spawned into his world, ALL OF MY INVENTORY was completely gone. I spawned back at the original spawn and had to find him all over again. I told him he said to log back out, which I did, and reload into the world. I did that, but nothing changed and I still do not have my stuff from the previous inventory. I closed the game out numerous times and even went as far as to restart my console. Nothing changed. Another thing that happened is that I had cats and dogs, and I can't make them stand or sit anymore. It's like the game says I am someone different almost but I have the same username and everything as my other person. PLEASE HELP ME!! If this can get fixed I would be sooo happy! We were JUST ABOUT TO FIGHT THE ENDER DRAGON!




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