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Empty Inventory/Player level reset in multiplayer


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    • 1.17.11 Hotfix, 1.17.10, Beta, Beta, 1.16.220, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, 1.14.20 Hotfix, 1.12.1, 1.12.0, 1.13.0, 1.14.30 Hotfix, 1.14.60 Hotfix, 1.16.0, 1.16.1, 1.16.10, 1.16.21, 1.16.20, 1.16.50 Hotfix (iOS), 1.16.40 Hotfix, 1.16.100, 1.16.201 Hotfix, 1.16.210, 1.16.221 Hotfix, 1.17.0, 1.17.2 Hotfix, 1.17.30, 1.17.40, 1.17.41 Hotfix, 1.18.0, 1.18.1 Hotfix, 1.18.2 Hotfix, 1.19.0, 1.19.20, 1.19.21 Hotfix, 1.19.22 Hotfix, 1.19.40, Preview, 1.19.41, 1.19.51, 1.19.60, 1.19.62, 1.19.63, Preview, 1.19.73, 1.19.80, 1.19.81 Hotfix, 1.19.83 Hotfix, 1.20.1 Hotfix, 1.20.10, 1.20.12 Hotfix, 1.20.41 Hotfix, 1.20.51 Hotfix, 1.20.60, 1.20.62 Hotfix, 1.20.73 Hotfix
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      I was playing on realms on my Nintendo Switch and left at some point to do some things. I came back a couple of hours later to find that my character inventory has been wiped and the character level, which was in the 30s, was reset.  My character did re-spawn where I left it last though. This was not too long after the update with the foxes.

      Note from GoldenHelmet

      There is a new issue causing empty player inventory, experience reset, and spawning at world spawn in singleplayer since the 1.19.50 update. We are tracking that at MCPE-164765. Please do not comment here if you experienced something like this in singleplayer.

      As an additional reminder, please do not comment only to say that you experienced the bug. Comments are for adding information that may be helpful to the developers in understanding and fixing the bug. To express that you are affected and would like the issue to be the prioritized, click on the "Vote for this issue" text at the upper right.

      Additional Info

      There appear to be scenarios where a player connecting to a Realm, Bedrock Dedicated Server or Multiplayer game can join in a "new" state. The character will appear at world spawn with no levels or items in their personal inventories (including Ender Chests).

      BDS Servers appear to show them connecting as a new user per BDS-3244

      Before the upgrade, there are 3 users, and after there are 4. The user that had trouble was the one connecting from PS4. He was "player_server_fc2...244" and after the upgrade, the server assigned him a new data folder as "player_server_508...062". Added screenshots to original description.

      If you have this issue and are able to provide a copy of your world including information that would help identify the old user (not personal information, something like the items in your inventory before the wipe) that may help track down the cause. Please be sure to include the type of game (multiplayer, realms, singleplayer or bedrock dedicated server) and any other important information (like whether this is the first time you played this map after an update etc).

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